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funny - serious - happy - sad  and poetic 

Leaving the Loch
dreams and work of Lotte Glob

RRP: £10
ISBN 9781739655754

'Lotte has told me that she is an insomniac, and at night she lies excitedly thinking of Loch Eribol, which is down-croft from her unslept in sleeping place. As the day before and the day-to-come races before her, she thinks about the extraordinary creatures she shares the croft with. They live under the surface of the water. There is a whole civilisation, she tells me, with a large bridge, and they have always been there, happily singing, stargazing and exploring, doing what creatures do. Things fall from the sky - space junk and meteors, she tells me....'


A children's book seemed more appropriate than a catalogue because Lotte Glob's work capture's the very real world which exists just out of site. LEAVING THE LOCH | dreams and works from Lotte Glob has been published to accompany Lotte's exhibition 'Eriboll Creatures' showing in Kilmorack Gallery over March 2023

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